Review Policy

I am always open to accept books for review from authors and publishers. I do occasionally take suggestions from other readers and bloggers for books to review, but those are of lower priority. You can also feel free to contact me regarding blog tours, author interviews, guest posts, promotions, and giveways. You can contact me via my email,

My reading tastes run the gamut, but genres of preference are:
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Speculative Fiction
I will not accept the following genres for review:
  • Erotica

I will review your book at my discretion taking into consideration my schedule and availability. I accept all file types but prefer ePUBs over MOBI or PDFs. 

All my review will be posted here on my blog, as well as Tumblr and Goodreads. I also advertise my latest reviews over on Twitter. I will, of course always give an honest review. If you would like a review by a certain date, please let me know in the email.

I use a five star rating system (details of which can be found here) and generally talk about characters, plot, and world-building, highlighting both what I liked and what I thought could have been better.

For the most part, my reviews can be assumed to be spoiler free and will always mention at the beginning if spoilers are included. All reviews of new release books are spoiler free.