Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Waiting On" Wednesday [5]

Road Rash by Mark Parsons

Publication Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

A teenage drummer finds out what life is really like on tour with a rock band in this funny, funky, bittersweet debut YA novel. For anyone who loved Almost Famous or This Is Spinal Tap.

After being dropped from one band, 17-year-old drummer Zach gets a chance to go on tour with a much better band. It feels like sweet redemption, but this is one rocky road trip. . . .  

Zach's in control on the drums, driving the band, keeping things moving at the right pace. But when the show is over, his timing is all off. The jealousies and rivalries within his new group keep him off-balance. The awesome original song he recorded backfires. And the girl he left back home is suddenly talking about this other guy . . . 

Mark Parsons has written a fast-paced, feel-good novel about a boy finding his place in the world, in a band, and in the music. Zach is a character teens will stand up and cheer for as he lands the perfect gig, and the perfect girl..
I'm excited to see what Mark Parson's has to offer in his debut YA novel, Road Rash. The mix of road trip and band life sets the stage for a fun, exciting read. I'm hoping that there is a deeper layer than your typical teen band road trip book and from the reviews I've read so far it seems that there is.

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