Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Going to BookCon!

That's right guys, I, Lourdes, will be at BookCon in New York City tomorrow! I've been dreaming of this since the event was announced last year but it's been up in the air as to whether or not I was going until a couple of days ago. I am announcing now because I just bought my ticket about two hours ago making it official. I'm pretty much living my bookish dream right now!

I'll be making a plan on the drive up tonight so I'm not 100% sure what signings and panels I'm going to but I'll (hopefully) be keeping my twitter updated if you want to meet up with me. Speaking of which, if you are going and happen to see me, say hi! I'd love to meet any of you who happen to be there. Here's a more updated pic than what's on the side bar so you can spot me in the crowd,

I'm super excited for BookCon, which starts in just about 12 hours! Let me know if your going in the comments! You can also tweet at me or message me on tumblr if either of those are your preferred methods of communication!

(P.S. The picture may be deleted later since I'm not a huge fan of having my face up on the internet)

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